Create an unforgettable experience through digital integration.

Digital interaction is dramatically changing consumer retail, banking and wayfinding behaviour. Envision has pioneered digital integration since 1998, and continues to lead the design integration of technology into consumer facing environments. Be it for a large-scale interactive donor wall, or a fully immersive digital retail environment, Envision is uniquely positioned to help major companies deliver exceptional customer experiences through strategic use of digital technology.

digital customer engagement strategy

We believe in asking questions at the beginning of our projects to fully understand what our clients want their customers to take away from engaging in a digital experience. Really delving into what a digital experience is expected to deliver to the end user is the key insight that will drive the best design and technology integration.

donor recognition walls

We believe there is a big difference between putting a screen on a wall and creating an immersive and memorable digital experience. To achieve that goal, there are many complex design considerations a digital experience project needs to go through. From digital system design, to custom content creation, to industrial design of the fixtures that house the screens – deep expertise is required to ensure that the technology delivers on the desired experience, and that designs can be successfully implemented in a flagship location or across a national roll out.

digital customer journey

At Envision, creation and execution of digital experiences is in our DNA. We have delivered large and small scale digital experiences across the country for some of North America’s biggest companies. Our clients rely on our deep in-house skills and experience to ensure our design creations are executed flawlessly, whether at a single location or a large-scale roll out. Our ongoing technical support services ensure that the digital experiences we create operate seamlessly and efficiently for many years following their initial installation.