We ensure our designs are flawlessly executed through rigorous engineering, prototyping, testing and program management.

One of Envision’s strengths is our ability to deliver an effective and efficient end-to-end solution. We ensure on-time, on-budget delivery of all our projects — from design to prototyping to custom fixturing to large scale installation programs. We leverage our network of experienced installers and project managers throughout North America to ensure the quality of the delivered and installed finished product.

display fixtures

Our strategy begins with an analysis of the environment and with outlining the fixture’s role within that space. No less important is the brand’s objective: is it to build a stronger connection with the consumer? Is it to extend their interaction with the brand outside traditional venues? Whatever the end goal, our strategy helps bring it to life.

retail fixtures and displays

Our retail fixture design team is assembled based on the unique requirements of the project. We identify the problem and begin with a creative brainstorming session involving our industrial, environmental and graphic designers who develop a solution that answers those requirements. We approach the solution from all angles to generate an idea for a fixture that solves the client’s specific challenges and fits beautifully within the environment.

touchscreen kiosk

What starts as an initial sketch then becomes a fully fleshed solution developed by the design team. We then build a life-sized prototype, constructed in house by our own team of engineers. Following on-site testing, our production teams are able to fabricate, ship and install from coast to coast, with the entire process managed through our proprietary fixture management database application.