Creating familiar paths in unfamiliar spaces.

We believe the path to a great wayfinding experience is to first understand human behaviour. Our role is to provide solutions that empower people to make sense of the space around them, so they can orient and navigate with ease and peace of mind. When we begin with the end user, the result is an impactful experience that builds our client’s brand.

healthcare wayfinding signage

A clear and well thought out strategy is established at the beginning of the project by working in close collaboration with all key stakeholders. This is especially important in large, complex environments like hospitals, airport terminals and major shopping centres. We work towards creating a customer-centred strategy that focuses on improved user experience and recognition of all stakeholder requirements.

environmental wayfinding

Design is most powerful when the core challenges and specifics of each environment are clear. Our designers’ goal – beyond creating beautiful signage – is to develop solutions that positively affect the end user. We draw on the expertise of our team of graphic, industrial, environmental and digital system designers, to create signage that changes the way users engage with their environments.

wayfinding in malls

Our wayfinding portfolio ranges from basic signage to intricate, large-scale designs, and incorporates a wide range of disciplines: vinyl applications, graphic treatments and both static and digital signage. Regardless of complexity and size, we provide an-end-to-end solution, including fabrication and a nation-wide installation – backed up by proprietary data management systems that allow signage programs to operate efficiently years after initial installation.